Social Media and MLM Marketing Could Enhance Your Business

MLM Social media marketing is increasingly being adopted by both network marketers and even organizations in the corporate world. Companies and individuals have all integrated social media into their overall marketing strategy. Because it’s the current fad? No, because it works!

The very nature of social media makes it such a good ally of network marketing. As a network marketer, you surely know MLM has always thrived on relationship marketing, referral marketing, and word of mouth marketing. These core ingredients of Direct Sales Marketing are as central to the business today as they were in the first days of MLM.

Of course, over the years, different methods have been employed to accomplish this basic task of contacting people and marketing to them. At first, it was only possible to contact people in person or via telephone. These persons were often invited to a presentation where a respected network marketer would lecture on how MLM could change their lives.

Then in the most recent past, it became possible for network marketing professionals to harness technological resources -such as VCRs, Cassettes, CDs, Projectors, DVDs, and finally the Internet-to increase communication, ease enrollment processes, and above all, to expand their target market. Each of these technological innovations has expanded the options available to network marketers. And all serious-minded network marketers have always capitalized on them to grow their business.

Now, the social media have been added to our ‘arsenal.’ Are you aware that you can grow your MLM business on such websites as Facebbok, YouTube, MySpace, Twitter, etc? They hold a wealth of potentials for you in your efforts to gain huge exposure for your MLM business, as well as establish contacts with potential customers. Moreover, some of the people you’ll meet here could never have been met anywhere else, or at least not so easily. But there are things you’ll need to keep in mind in using social media:

Focus on building relationships. Since you are a network marketer, your major focus in using social media should be to build lasting relationships. Get to know people through casual contacts, and increase your reach. But allow things to develop naturally. Be friends first, and for quite some time before attempting to pitch your business.

And in building relationships, it is vital to respect those you meet. It would be disrespectful to place your product adverts on someones social networking profile. Such an act is comparable to barging into a friends cocktail party and introducing your products and services to guests! That would be both disrespectful and unprofessional. It will get you noticed quite alright, but for all the wrong reasons. No one will want to follow such an unrefined marketer. You may even get banned or blocked.

The way to get noticed is to start by personalizing your profile. Say a few things about you, your interests. Generally, state things that should make people want to befriend you, truthful as ever. Don’t you see that there’s virtually no room for business promotion at the initial stage? It’s primarily a social forum, people are here to socialize.

Any suspicion that you’re here purely for business, they’ll avoid you. But naturally, after you’ve gotten real close to someone, it would be OK to tell them what you do for a living, and how you could be of help to them in specific areas. That’s how you gradually gain exposure for yourself and your MLM business.

Stay visible by consistently posting your contents, as well as by commenting on posts contributed by other members. On your part, always remember to thank those who comment on your posts (regardless of their comments) or who help syndicate your contents. And rather than posting your entire article content on forum discussion, link them back to your website contents.

The trick is to legitimately draw members of your social group and their friends to your business blog, where your full opportunity would be available for them to examine and probably join or patronize you.

The social media are here to stay. No, they’ve not replaced other MLM marketing tools. They are just one more tool in your MLM marketing toolbox. But if you use them correctly, they could significantly enhance the effectiveness of your other tools.