The Newest Terms in Social Media Marketing – Tweet, Retweet and Hashtags

Perhaps you have noticed how Twitter recently gained influence to a lot of online people. Actually, it isn’t only Twitter which is getting too popular. Facebook, MySpace and LinkedIn are achieving fame, too. You will hear about these online craze wherever you go. This makes other people curious. What is with these websites that makes everyone so into it? If you don’t have a Twitter account yet, why don’t you create one? You will then understand why your friends are so fascinated by it. The Social Media Marketing is so evolved now. There are several brilliant updates made that are more beneficial to its users. There are websites even made available for both recreation and business.

Take for example Twitter. It may appear boring to other people. But if you try to understand its real essence, you will appreciate how it works. In Twitter, there are terms coined to make the experience more unique and interesting. These terms are tweet, retweet and hashtags. There are actually hundreds of terms created already and new ones are still coming in. Through Twitter, people can get in touch 24×7. This facilitates exchange of ideas or information faster.    

A person is called a tweeter because of giving personal updates to his Twitter account. Right now, there are more than 14,000,000 Twitter users in the US alone. There are also millions of members from other countries. It is a great tool to share information inexpensively to other people. In order to make your followers keep their interest in you, you have to constantly give them something interesting regarding your activities. These updates are called tweets. It is called twittering whenever you post updates on Twitter. Tweets only have 140 characters or less. Whenever you tweet, you have to maximize the 140 characters allotted. So you have to perfect how to deliver your lines precise and interesting. 

If you haven’t had a Twitter account before or you are planning to create one, there are other important terms you should remember. A retweet is done when you tweet again the same quote or line of your fellow tweeter. When you retweet, you put an @ sign before the name of the person from whom you derived the tweet from. Some people use R/T or just RT before a person’s name to indicate retweeting. Retweeting is viewed as a respect to your co-tweeter. It will make them feel that their tweet is worth to be shared with others. Usually, tweeters are grateful whenever their tweets are being retweeted.

Hashtags are also significant for tweeters (e.g. #hashtag). Tweets can only be viewed by your own set of followers. If you do hashtag, you are making it possible for other people to view your tweets even though they aren’t your followers. This can help increase your followers. So, can you now understand how twittering can do well for your online advertisement? Surely, this is an important addition to your SEO strategy.